Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce, its sponsors and supporters, have tried to take every possible precaution to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable adventure while you are here. Because of the nature of this particular sport, it must be understood by every participant that there are inherent dangers in riding ATV’s. The Jamboree, its sponsors and supporters and public land management agencies cannot be responsible or liable for any accidents or mishaps, or personal or property damage which occurs during Jamboree events. By registering for the Jamboree, each rider takes upon himself personal responsibility for his own safety and well being, and that of others in his care. A State sponsored rider training course is offered to every rider who desires each training prior to participation in Jamboree events. This course is voluntary but is strongly recommended for new or less experienced riders (Never-Ever and Beginner riders).

Riders are required to stay with their groups and follow designated guides. This will help provide for the safety and comfort of all riders. Guides will assist the group in determining and maintaining a safe and comfortable speed and will determine the routes to be followed. We must emphasize that the trails are not built nor intended for speed. They are intended for a more leisurely pace which lends itself to the nature of the trails and the mountainous, often rough, terrain. Good judgment and responsible riding, on the part of every rider, must be exercised at all times on the trail. Each rider will be responsible for compliance with the conditions set forth herein, and for the condition and operation of his or her own ATV and related equipment, and of his or her own safety and personal protective gear, and that of those in his charge.

California and Nevada State ATV laws indicate that where trails are located on public lands, and have been properly designated as open to ATV use, those involved in land management, and organized, permitted uses on those trails bear no responsibility or liability for accidents which may happen due to trail use or participation in events involving those trails. Again we emphasize personal responsibility for safety and well being on the trail.

Jamboree personnel have attempted to assign a rating to each event, in order to help riders determine which events will be within the scope of their experience and ability, and to avoid those that may be beyond their abilities. These ratings are not according to any established system, but have been based only on the experience and personal knowledge of the guides. A variety of rides has been selected in an effort to provide events suitable to the abilities and wants of every rider. If riders have any questions or concerns about the difficulty of any event, they should ask the guides or other Jamboree personnel prior to joining with the group. Riders are encouraged to pick the Jamboree rides and events which suit their individual experience and riding abilities.


Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree is very environmentally conscientious and insists that all participants be aware of potential environmental related problems. Our policy is to be absolutely “environmentally friendly” by adhering to the following:

Keep your ATV on designated roads and trails at all times. Your ATV wheels must be absolutely in the established wheel tracks. Do not ride or even park your ATV off the trail, in the grass, brush or on any vegetation. Participants must confine their riding to inventoried, mapped, signed and designated ATV routes; specifically those as outlined by the Jamboree and designated in our Special Use Permit from the Forest Service. Trained guides will keep you on those designated trails, if you will follow them carefully.

There are a number of smaller stream crossings on the established trail systems. When crossing steams, always cross at a right angle to the stream flow; this is the shortest path to the other side. Most stream beds consist of rock so your crossing will not stir up any sediment. However, this may not be the case in some of the smaller streams. Please cross slowly and carefully, trying not to stir up or damage the muddy bottom.

Please be aware of sensitive riparian areas adjacent to many streams. While the established trail will not traverse these areas, you must be careful not to cause any damage when you cross steams. Avoid running over any vegetation, including young trees, shrubs and grasses. Again, stay in the established wheel tracks and follow your guide.

Please be sensitive to the needs of wildlife, livestock, ranchers, horsemen, hunters and other uses and users of the trail. Do not harass wildlife or livestock. It has been suggested that upon sighting wildlife, we slow down or stop our machines, leave the engines running, and stay on your ATV. Most animals will not be alarmed by your passing or watching. However, if you stop quickly, turn off your engine and climb off your machine, the change seems to alert them and they will tend to move away from you. Remember, this is their habitat and we MUST respect their “space.”

If trails should be blocked or downed trees or other obstacles, please do not make your way around them. This practice establishes parallel trails, which is to be avoided at all times. Instead, with the help of the group if necessary, remove the obstacle and proceed within the established road or trail.

DO NOT pioneer any new trails.

Tread lightly! Leave no trace that you were there. Always leave the trail better than you found it.

Please help eliminate trash that may be found along the way. As for your own trash, “if you pack it in, pack it out.”

If you enjoy riding the trails, please contribute to their maintenance and upkeep.

The Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree reminds you that it is a privilege to use the trail, and that the user is responsible to maintain that privilege. By obeying these guidelines we can continue to enjoy this unique system of trails and the privilege of riding on public lands.

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