Thank you for choosing to participate in the Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree. Please take a minute toreadover the information contained in this letter, doing so is solely your own responsibility but can make your participation in our event a more enjoyable one.

We hope that you enjoy yourself on our guided trail rides. As this is an outdoor motorized event, there are certain risks inherent with the sport of riding ATV’s and UTV’s. As a participant, there are certain responsibilities that YOU must take to ensure your own safety. The following information is providedonlyas general guidelines and as a responsible rider, you ultimately must make the final decisions.

1. Safety must bethefirst and foremost priority. Make certain that you are signed up on the proper rides based on your skill level. We have taken care to carefully describe the skill level for each ride but ultimately only you know your level. Choose wisely. Do not push yourself beyond your limits either in speed or distance.Exceeding either limit can lead to fatigue and loss of control. Consult your guide immediately if you are having any problems.

2. Please note thatBeginnerriders who place themselves in more advanced group may become aproblem to the entire group.Advancerides are just that, ADVANCE.

3. Know your limits! Our base elevation in Coleville is ~5200 foot elevation. All rides go up from there. Check out http://easternsierraatvjamboree.com/ridelist.htmand view the “Maximum Elevation” for each ride. Be safe and don’t go above any elevation for your health conditions.

4. Please have a washed and clean ATV/UTV prior to arriving. This is a MUST as all vehicles will beinspected prior to allowing it on our trails.

5. SMOKING will ONLY be allowed in certain areas. Please consult your Guidebeforeyou light up! No butts on ground. Failure to follow rules/guidelines will result in your termination from the Jamboree.

6. As we livein theHigh Desert, dehydration can occur if you do not drink enough water. Make certain you drink along the way (at each stop) even if you think you are not thirsty. Dehydration can sneak up on you so DRINK PLENTY of water. Alcohol is NEVER allowed on the trails.

7. Know the limits of your machine–some of our trails can exceed 60 miles which may mean you will need extra fuel along the way.Know when to switch to 4-wheel drive. Always TREAD LIGHTLY and stay on the trails at all times and ride behind, neveron the side, of other riders. NO PASSING is allowed!

8. Helmets–arerequiredonallATV’s& UTV’s. Effective January 1st, 2013, California law states that ALL ATV’s and UTV’smustwear helmets.

9. Flags& headlights–Flags are always required on all machines.Headlights must be used on trails even during daytime.

10. Some items that are Highly recommended that you bring with you on your trail rides–Drinking water•Gasoline •Food•First Aid kit•Tire Repair Kit•Bug Repellant•Extra Spark Plug•Tools& Tow Rope•Bungee Cords•Duct Tape•Camera•Rags•Rain Gear•Helmet & Goggles•Trash bags•First Aid kit•Toiletry items–Garden Spade, Toilet Paper & Plastic Bags

11. Make sure your ATV is in good working condition including: Clean air filter, Tires in good condition/pressure, working headlight, 4-wheel drive in working condition, oil and water levels.

12. It is important to plan on all types of weather. The weather in the Sierras can change almost hourly and in June this is sotrue. Days can start out cool and warm up quickly–but rain can follow in early to late afternoon, so be prepared!

13. PACK OUT what you PACK IN–Always pick up after yourself. Leave no trace! Bring garbage bags.

14. Bring a GREAT ATTITUDE and most importantly,HAVE FUN!

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