Frequently Asked Questions
Must I have a 4x4 machine and what is the recommended minimum size?

Some of our trails do require 4x4 as they can be rocky and steep trail segments.Refer to the "Our Ride List" for more trail specific information.

As far as minimum size goes, 400cc is the smallest machine size that we would recommend.

Must I wash my vehicle prior to coming to the event?


The USDA Forest Service has requested that all vehicles be washed immediately prior to the event. This is a preventative measure to help prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds such as yellow star thistle. Vehicles can spread weeds from one site to another by carrying plant parts and seeds.

When a vehicle is driven through a weed-infested area, weed seeds may become lodged between the tire treads, in the coils of a winch, behind the license plate, or in cracks and crevices on the underside of the vehicle. Seeds may travel hundreds of miles before becoming dislodged in an area where the weeds were not previously found. The source of many weed infestations has been traced to roads, trails, railroads, and other travel ways.

To prevent the spread of weeds from vehicles participating in our event, thoroughly wash the undercarriage and tire-tread of the vehicle to remove seeds and bits of vegetation. This material may have been picked up during the last run or from where the vehicle was last parked.

I live in Nevada and I am now required by law to register my OHV in Nevada. Do I still need to get a Non-Resident sticker in California?

Nevada recently started to require OHV's to be registered for all resident's of Nevada. Click here for information on Nevada's law.

California does not require non-residents to purchase a non-resident sticker IF your OHV is already registered in another state.

For Nevada Residents .... .OHV Banner Ad

I operate a UTV, do I have to wear a helmet (along with passengers)?

YES! Effective January 1st 2013, all ATV's and UTV's must wear helmets when operating their vehicles.

More information on this law can be found by clicking here.

My wife and I ride double on an ATV/UTV, are each of us considered a rider?

Yes! All participants must pay an entry fee. Any participant that will be driving or riding (passenger) must pay the "Full Event" fee. A reduced child (under 16) rate is available. Our fees are for each person riding on our public lands.

Does each participant need their own application?

No! The online registration allows for participants that are riding on the same machine to register on the same online registration form.

We are new to this sport, is this a good event to participate in?

Absolutely! When signing up, just choose beginner rides. Also, inform your Ride Master at the start of the ride.

Do you recommend any Air Medical Services?
While we do not specifically recommend one service over another, there are a couple of services that are in our area. And as many of our riders carry one or another, we all highly suggest that everyone should carry a membership in some sort of service. The cost is minimal but the service is tremendous. Click Here for more information
Are helmets required?

YES! Effective January 1st 2013, all ATV's and UTV's must wear helmets when operating their vehicles.

More information on this new law can be found by clicking here.

Can my kids ride in our UTV or two-up ATV?
Yes! As long as the ATV or UTV is specifically built for more than one rider, then anyone else (spouse, friend, kid) can come along. However, every person (adult or child) must pay an entry fee. The fee is the same whether they ride all 4 days or just 1, 2 or 3 days.
What are the laws in California regarding ATV's?
See the California State website for more information. It is the sole responsibility of all riders to obey and meet all laws regarding the operation of an ATV.
Is there a place for RV's?
Coleville/Walker KOA (aka Meadowcliff) (in Coleville) is our area's newest full service RV resort. It has back-in and pull-thru sites from 40 feet to 70 feet long - Big Rig friendly! Visit them for a long list of amenities and services available. For those tail rides departing the Fire Station, a trail is available from Meadowcliff RV Resort directly to the Fire Station (1166 Larson Lane, Coleville. CA 96107). Restaurant onsite.
Topaz Lodge & Casino (at Topaz Lake) has a RV park with full hook ups, back-ins and pull-thrus. Casino and Restaurant are onsite. They are located ~12 miles from Coleville.
Is there fuel available close to the event center?
Yes! Fuel, groceries, and other convenience items can be purchased at the Walker Country Store and Walker General Store located in the heart of Walker. Very convenient to all! Note that no riding of OHVs are allowed to the Contry Store, please make other arrangements.
Is food available after the local restaurants have closed?
Yes! Fuel, groceries, and other convenience items can be purchased at the Walker Country Store and the Walker General Store, one located at each end of Walker. Very convenient to all!
Can I ride my 3 wheeled ATV?
No! At this time, due to insurance policies, all ATV's must be types which have 4 wheels - two on the front and two on the back. Motorcycles are not allowed in the Jamboree.
Can I rent an ATV for this event?
No there is no place local to rent either ATV's or UTV's
What if I can’t come to the Jamboree after I have registered?  Do I get a refund?

We understand that life happens and it may not always be possible to join us for the Jamboree, even after you have registered.  Under the refund policy, all refund requests must be in writing with refund amounts as follows: requests postmarked prior to 45 days before the event will receive a $100.00 refund/rider and $45/child rider, requests postmarked on or after45 days before will not receive any refund. We are not responsible to events, man-made or natural, that may cause the Jamboree from being cancelled.

Can I register after registration has closed?
Yes we will accept late registration up until the day of the Jamboree. Those that register late pay the same $175 fee and receive all of the items except for a T-Shirt. This is due to the fact that the T-Shirt order must be place weeks prior to the event. NOTE - space may or may not be available so please contact us directly by phone to make certain there is space after the May 13th deadline.
I have other questions, whom should I contact to get answers?

Please contact by email at info@northermonochamber.com or call us at 530-208-6259.

Where do I go to get my credentials at the opening of the Jamboree?

All riders can pick up your "rider packet" at the Antelope Valley Fire Station on Larson Lane, ~3 miles north of the town of Walker on Tuesday afternoon/evening (6pm - 8pm) or on Wednesday morning during the breakfast and orientation.

What do I do if one of my rides is cancelled prior to or during the Jamboree?

On occasion, because of either a low number of riders or trail conditions a ride will be cancelled.   If one of your rides is cancelled, you will be given the opportunity to participate in the ride of your choice regardless of whether or not it is full.

Can I ride my OHV on Highway 395 during the Jamboree?
Per California Vehicle Code, no OHV's are allowed to ride on the highway at any time.
Can I ride double on the Jamboree?
California State Law does not allow the riding of an ATV with more than one person. However, the operator of an ATV/UTV that is designed for two or more people may ride on public lands. (see http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/elcentro/recreation/ohvs/caohv.html for more information). Some rides may not be safe for two riders even if the ATV is designed for that purpose. Please be sure to have the necessary equipment that will make double riding both safe and enjoyable. If you have a legal ATV designed for two riders (an operator and one passenger), both riders must pay a complete entry fee.
Can I switch rides after registration?
Anytime prior to May 13th, rides can be switched by calling our office at 530-208-6259.  After May 13th, rides may be switched at the registration desk on any day of the ride. Do not just switch without geting permission from the registration desk. All changes are based on availability.
Can I bring my dog?
Well mannered, non-barking Dogs are allowed on the rides as long as they are under the riders control at all time and on the riders ATV/UTV. Well mannered dogs are a must so that all other riders can enjoy the ride without any worries of being "disturbed" by someone's dog. If you would like to board your animal during the Jamboree, there are a few veterinary facilities about 30 minutes north of Walker in Gardnerville and Minden Nevada.
Can I bring my Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) on the rides?
UTV's ARE allowed at this time on most trail rides. See the Ride List page for more information.
Can I just show up to the Jamboree and participate in the rides without paying a fee?

NO! Only registered, paid in full riders may participate in the Jamboree. You may register at the door IF there is room available.


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